First what is APRS you are asking? APRS stands for Automatic Packet Reporting System, which was developed and is copyrighted by Bob Bruninga WB4APR. It is used to exchange real time information automatically across a digital packet network. For more info on APRS here is the url link.

Recommend hardware, Yaesu & Kenwood make very good all in one radio, TNC, APRS functions in both mobile and handheld units. Here is a site to help with the different models

We are using the national frequency plan and path in our local area.
National Frequency: 144.390Mhz @1200 baud rate
Network Path: WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1
Optional Tone: 100Hz

Most radios that have a build in tnc with APRS function have a Digipeater option.  A Digipeater will repeat an APRS packet by temporarily storing the info then retransmitted the modify packet out simplex.  This option is recommended to help expand the cover area of the network.

APRS Objects are being used locally to broadcast out information on local repeater frequencies and tuning settings.

If you can setup an I-Gate at your location that is helpful as well. An I-Gate makes the connection between the RF network on 144.390Mhz and the internet. This will display on the maps of the internet and with other I-Gates in the area. APRSISCE/32 is a software program that functions well as an I-Gate & Digipeater.

For any other information on APRS, feel free to contact  
Russell Hall N8RSH         n8rsh1 at yahoo dot com

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